Wikipedia is the world’s largest online and user-generated encyclopaedia. Knowledge is power, and Wikipedia has the potential to colour our view of the world. But there is great imbalance between men and women on the website, like in society at large.

Ninety per cent of those who add content to Wikipedia are men. There are four times more articles about men than women. The figures vary regionally, but no matter how you look at it, the picture is clear: the information about women is less extensive than that about men. Regardless of which language version of Wikipedia you read. We want to change this.

#WikiGap is an event during which people around the world gather to add more content to Wikipedia about women figures, experts and role models in various fields. On 8 March – International Women’s Day – the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Swedish embassies hosted simultaneous events in more than 50 countries, from Sweden to Tanzania, Egypt and Colombia.

Sweden is the first country in the world to pursue a feminist foreign policy. We do this based on the conviction that gender equality is fair and right, and because it is a basic condition for sustainable peace and security.

Sweden’s feminist foreign policy is about women’s rights, representation and resources. #WikiGap will improve women’s representation by increasing the number of articles about them on Wikipedia.

Together, we want to bring about a more gender-equal internet – and a more gender-equal world.


Get engaged!
You can also write for a more gender equal Wikipedia. Read more about how to become a Wiki-editor here. If you want to edit the Swedish Wikipedia, you can watch this tutorial.

WikiGap is being planned in: Abu Dhabi, Abuja, Alger, Amman, Bagdad, Bamako, Bangkok, Belgrade, Berlin, Bogota, Brasília, Brussels, Bucharest, Cairo, Dar es Salaam, Dhaka, Geneva, Guatemala, Hanoi, Harare, Helsinki, Islamabad, Jakarta, Kabul, Kampala, Kiev, Kigali, Lusaka, Madrid, Maputo, Mexico City, Milan, Monrovia, Moscow, Nairobi, New Dehli, New York, Nicosia, Oslo, Ottawa, Paris, Prague, Pristina, Rabat, Riga, Rome,  Santiago, Sarajevo, Skopje, Stockholm, Tbilisi, Tel Aviv, The Hague, Tirana, Tunis, Vilnius, Yangon & Yogyakarta. Join us!

See where all the WikiGap events are being planned on the WikiGap map!

The purpose of WikiGap is to create a space for our invited guests to write new Wikipedia articles, and edit existing ones, in order to increase the representation of women on the online encyclopaedia. Swedish Embassy staff will facilitate the event, but will not be involved in writing or editing articles themselves.

All material produced during #WikiGap will undergo the same quality control as other content. Read more about Wikipedia’s quality management tools here.

Wikipedia’s user community is composed of volunteers who work constantly to maintain reliability and high quality in Wikipedia articles.