More than 65 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide. Many have lost contact with their families and friends, and face huge difficulties finding each other. This led two technology companies to come together and build a mobile search app to help separated people find each other.

In Lima, as in many cities around the world, public transport is often neither environmentally friendly nor practical. Car use is increasing and air quality worsening. But one progressive district in the Peruvian capital is making vigorous efforts to make its streets climate-smart.

The Swedish Embassy in Tirana, together with the United Nations in Albania and the Albanian Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs, celebrated United Nations Day on October 24 by raising, discussing and highlighting gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Globalisation, digital transformation and rapid technological developments have paved the way for amazing progress around the world. But some people risk being left behind. The Global Deal aims to remedy this situation by strengthening dialogue and cooperation. One early adopter of the Global Deal was Tunisia, a country where social dialogue has been hugely successful.

More than 50 students pulled an all-nighter in Honduras earlier this year to think up technical solutions to gender-based violence in the country’s first ever ‘diplohack’.The event, held in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, was a collaboration between the Swedish and Dutch embassies in Central America, UNESCO, Plan Honduras and the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

Today, Sweden is celebrating the Feast of Saint Lucia. It is a festival of light which brightens up the winter darkness. But elsewhere, where it’s not quite so dark, two Swedish embassies are illuminating the way with sustainable energy from another celestial body, namely the sun.

Sustainable solutions to the climate challenges of today and tomorrow are required. World leaders, researchers and innovative businesses are doing what they can to reduce our negative impact on the climate. But people’s awareness of climate change also needs to increase. With this in mind, the Swedish Institute launched the exhibition ‘Facing the Climate’, in which Swedish cartoonists offer some amusing, yet alarming reflections on climate change.

Farmers in four countries around Lake Victoria in eastern Africa are turning over a new leaf by stopping the clear-felling of trees and branching out into agroforestry. The move will not only improve their local environment and livelihoods, it just might bring them out of the woods when it comes to climate change.

Including men and encouraging positive dialogue on gender equality. This was the goal of the Nordic embassies in South Africa when they ran a social media campaign focusing on male gender roles, engagement and responsibility.

For several years now, the United Nations Association of Sweden has trained engaged young people to become ambassadors in their local area for the 2030 Agenda. Ahead of the 2017–2018 academic year, 17 members of the UN Association between the ages of 18 and 26 were trained to participate in its ambassador programme.