In December, the City of Gothenburg handed over to Peru 51 well-preserved textiles from the more than 2 000-year-old Paracas textile collection. The textiles, purchased by Sweden’s Honorary Consul in Lima Sven Karell from the Nazca and Paracas cultures, were brought to Sweden in 1935.
“It feels wonderful to return them to Peru,” says Gunilla Bökmark, the City of Gothenburg’s Director of International Relations.

I den konsulära verksamheten har UD kontakt med Sveriges främste seismolog, Reynir Bödvarsson vid Uppsala universitet. Han blir konsulterad när naturkatastrofer inträffar, då det behövs specialistkunskap och när reseinformationen behöver uppdateras på utlandsmyndigheternas sidor på Sweden Abroad.

Swedish companies in Colombia and Sweden’s Embassy in Bogota have joined forces to support families affected by the landslide in Mocoa in April. The disaster caused over 320 fatalities and considerable material damage. After being contacted by several Swedish companies wondering how they could help, the Embassy decided to coordinate a donation of the Swedish water treatment innovation, Solvatten.

Wikipedia is the world’s most used online encyclopaedia. Among the millions of articles there are four times as many articles about men as there are about women. Behind the scenes the figures are even worse: only nine per cent of editors are women and one per cent are transgender people; the rest are men. Moreover, the majority of those who edit articles are well-educated people from countries in the west.
But this can be changed. Sweden’s Embassy in New Delhi decided to help out.

In recent years, the number of women in the Swedish Foreign Service has been increasing. The trend is particularly evident in management posts.

Idag invigs Sveriges ambassad i Manila, ett stärkande steg i de diplomatiska relationer Sverige och Filippinerna haft i nästan 70 år. Men kontakterna går längre tillbaka i tiden än så; svenska företag började etablera sig i Filippinerna redan för ungefär hundra år sedan.

Efter 15 års frånvaro återvänder nu Sverige till Tunisien. Idag inviger utrikesminister Margot Wallström Sveriges ambassad på plats i Tunis.