The Sustainable Development Goals are at the heart of Swedish efforts to provide innovative solutions in humanitarian emergencies.  One of many examples are the solar panels at Azraq refugee camp in Jordan.

Six years have now passed since the conflict in Syria broke out, when the regime met peaceful protests with brutal violence. The only sustainable way forward is a political solution to the conflict.

Det är nu sex år sedan konflikten i Syrien inleddes när regimen mötte fredliga protester med brutalt våld. Den enda hållbara vägen framåt är en politisk lösning på konflikten.

This year Sweden celebrates 70 years in the UN. And for as many years, Sweden has supported peacebuilding efforts, through its national membership but also through all of the Swedes who work under the UN flag out in the field. Malin Herwig is one of these people.

En dépit de leur importance, les thèmes de la masculinité et de la paternité font rarement l’objet des discussions publiques dans la société et dans les médias. L’Ambassade de Suède et le Bureau du Coordonnateur Résident des Nations Unies au Maroc ont organisé une table ronde qui a permis à des hommes engagés de présenter leurs expériences et leurs perspectives sur la masculinité, la paternité et l’égalité des genres.

The link between women, peace and security is arguably of special importance in a country like Jordan. Jordan is one of the major contributors of personnel to UNs peace keeping missions with over a thousand military and police staff in nine missions worldwide. It is also a country which is deeply affected by the Syria Crisis in terms of economic, social and not least security related terms. It hosts more than 600 000 Syrian refugees and a large number of refugees from other regional conflicts in Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

Slalomåk på morgonen, varma havsbad på dagen och stjärnklara kvällar bland vidsträckta sanddyner. En typisk dag på julsemestern – i Dubai.

Trade in services is spurring growth in Africa as it becomes more advanced and specialised. Now, as the Global Goals are to be implemented, there is great potential for Swedish solutions in water purification, environmental technology and sanitation.