Today, Sweden is celebrating the Feast of Saint Lucia. It is a festival of light which brightens up the winter darkness. But elsewhere, where it’s not quite so dark, two Swedish embassies are illuminating the way with sustainable energy from another celestial body, namely the sun.

Wikipedia is the world’s most used online encyclopaedia. Among the millions of articles there are four times as many articles about men as there are about women. Behind the scenes the figures are even worse: only nine per cent of editors are women and one per cent are transgender people; the rest are men. Moreover, the majority of those who edit articles are well-educated people from countries in the west.
But this can be changed. Sweden’s Embassy in New Delhi decided to help out.

Pravah Purohit, a student at the Indian Instititute of Management in Rothak, has been named the winner of the #FirstGeneration essay competition initiated by the Embassy of Sweden in India.

This Christmas, it is ten years since the tsunami of 26 December 2004. As the images from the disaster are replayed, our thoughts go out to those who lost their lives and their families and friends.

Under julhelgen är det tio år sedan tsunamin den 26:e december 2004. När bilderna från flodvågskatastrofen åter rullas upp går våra tankar till de som förlorade sina liv och till deras anhöriga.