Women’s participation in the Colombian peace process was the result of the extraordinary engagement of women’s organisations. This contributed directly to the final peace agreement reached in 2016 and sets an example for other peace negotiations held around the world.

There is an important story about women, peace and security that needs to be told.
We are putting the spotlight on women who have paved the way – the bold and the brave – and we know there are and can be many more of them.
We are pushing for #MoreWomenMorePeace

Swedish companies in Colombia and Sweden’s Embassy in Bogota have joined forces to support families affected by the landslide in Mocoa in April. The disaster caused over 320 fatalities and considerable material damage. After being contacted by several Swedish companies wondering how they could help, the Embassy decided to coordinate a donation of the Swedish water treatment innovation, Solvatten.

Meet the Global Swedes: Miranda Restorick, Canada, student at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Efforts to raise gender awareness and the number of women in peacekeeping were discussed when Director-General for Political Affairs Anna-Karin Eneström visited the Brazilian Ministry of Defence in connection with the annual political consultations with the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

En el caso de México, el Relator Especial de Naciones Unidas para la libertad de expresión, quien visitó el país en 2010, señaló varios problemas. Asimismo, algunos avances han tenido lugar desde entonces, por ejemplo a través del Mecanismo de Protección para Personas Defensoras de Derechos Humanos y Periodistas, pero se necesita hacer más.

Being an independent journalist in Mexico means living in uncertainty. Over the 45 years I have practiced uncertainty has undergone profound changes.