Farmers in four countries around Lake Victoria in eastern Africa are turning over a new leaf by stopping the clear-felling of trees and branching out into agroforestry. The move will not only improve their local environment and livelihoods, it just might bring them out of the woods when it comes to climate change.

After the influential midwives4all campaign in 2015, Sweden has sustained the important work within the field of maternal and child health in Uganda. Contributing to an increased workforce of midwives has notably led to improved staffing levels, more women delivering at facilities, increased rates of antenatal care visits and reduced numbers of maternal deaths.

In March and April, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Palestine and Bangladesh will publish current gender statistics. This is the result of a Swedish development aid venture, in which Statistics Sweden has trained and provided support to statisticians and users of statistics during one year.

Today is the sixth time that we jointly celebrate the national days of Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in Uganda. This tradition bears witness to a long-lasting and deep-rooted history of shared values and regional integration amongst the Nordic countries.