Globalisation, digital transformation and rapid technological developments have paved the way for amazing progress around the world. But some people risk being left behind. The Global Deal aims to remedy this situation by strengthening dialogue and cooperation. One early adopter of the Global Deal was Tunisia, a country where social dialogue has been hugely successful.

Efter 15 års frånvaro återvänder nu Sverige till Tunisien. Idag inviger utrikesminister Margot Wallström Sveriges ambassad på plats i Tunis.

As Ambassador of Sweden I would like to congratulate Tunisia for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the National Dialogue Quartet. Representing Tunisian Civil Society, the Quartet played a crucial role for Tunisia’s democratization and helped to create a climate of cooperation and trust at a crucial moment. The Tunisian Constitution, with its protection of Human Rights for all, and democratic checks and balances, is a land mark in the region and an inspiration beyond.

Sweden and Tunisia are organising a Sustainable Infrastructure Forum in Tunis on 2–3 June, as a follow-up to Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström’s official visit in February, marking a new era in Swedish-Tunisian relations.