Earlier this year, Somalia was facing the sort of serious famine it experienced in 2011. The situation is still difficult, but thanks to rapid action from the international community, a major disaster has been averted.

Abandon the clan-driven political system and invest in jobs – these were two of many topics raised when Somali women from civil society, parliament and the police service gathered in Mogadishu to discuss women’s role in conflict resolution. Somalia’s new Prime Minister also visited the meeting and highlighted the important role women have played, and are playing, in building a peaceful society.

The political space for women in Somalia increased significantly during the electoral process in 2016, as a result of intense advocacy efforts by women leaders, political candidates, the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development, the ad-hoc electoral implementation teams and international partners.

After decades of civil war, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) was established in 2013. Among its mandated functions is to support the Federal Government of Somalia in the areas of peace- and state-building.