She led the women’s peace movement in Liberia, which played a decisive role in bringing an end to the bloody civil war in the country. Leymah Gbowee’s work for peace resulted in her becoming one of three women to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.

Kennet Blixt, originally from Hjo in Västergötland, is a Swedish logistics expert. For 25 years he has worked internationally with disaster relief through the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and international organisations.

Kennet Blixt bygger ebolasjukhus för FN:s livsmedelsprogram i Liberia.

Ebolasituationen i Västafrika mycket allvarlig. Alla åtgärder måste till för att hejda utbrottet. Om detta inte sker nu är det omöjligit att överblicka konsekvenserna såväl vad gäller lidande, döda och ekonomiska konsekvenser. Det internationella samfundet mobiliserar stort men det kommer att krävas ännu mer och ett stort mått av uthållighet.

The Ebola crisis in West Africa is extremely serious. All possible measures must be taken to curb the outbreak. If this does not occur now, it will be impossible to foretell the consequences in terms of suffering, deaths and economic ramifications. There has been a strong mobilisation of the international community, but even more will be needed, including a considerable measure of staying power.

Kristian Olsson Selerud has been the political rapporteur at the Embassy for the past two years and here he describes the Embassy’s work in Monrovia, in the midst of the Ebola outbreak.

Kristian Olsson Selerud är politisk rapportör på ambassaden sedan två år tillbaka och berättar här om arbetet i Monrovia, mitt under ebolautbrottet.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is an escalating crisis in which Sweden is very involved. On 16 October, the Government decided to give an additional SEK 100 million to combat Ebola. Swedish support now amounts to SEK 239 million.