Earlier this year, Somalia was facing the sort of serious famine it experienced in 2011. The situation is still difficult, but thanks to rapid action from the international community, a major disaster has been averted.

There is an important story about women, peace and security that needs to be told.
We are putting the spotlight on women who have paved the way – the bold and the brave – and we know there are and can be many more of them.
We are pushing for #MoreWomenMorePeace.

renewable electricity.
Expanding the national electricity grid is requires major investment. So, to offset the shortage in rural areas, electricity is mainly generated locally. But the methods used to produce it are not only expensive, they are also harmful to the environment and climate.

Globalisation, digital transformation and rapid technological developments have paved the way for amazing progress around the world. But some people risk being left behind. The Global Deal aims to remedy this situation by strengthening dialogue and cooperation. One early adopter of the Global Deal was Tunisia, a country where social dialogue has been hugely successful.

Farmers in four countries around Lake Victoria in eastern Africa are turning over a new leaf by stopping the clear-felling of trees and branching out into agroforestry. The move will not only improve their local environment and livelihoods, it just might bring them out of the woods when it comes to climate change.

Including men and encouraging positive dialogue on gender equality. This was the goal of the Nordic embassies in South Africa when they ran a social media campaign focusing on male gender roles, engagement and responsibility.

In a country plagued by sexual violence, women and men are starting to combat the root causes by challenging gender norms. While statistics continue to show high levels of violence against women and girls in the Congo, there are positive accounts of women becoming economic actors and winning respect in their communities. Women are challenging the ‘victim’ label, and men are becoming increasingly involved in presenting a more positive side of masculinity and condemning violence.

A private enterprise and a humanitarian organisation have teamed up to bring a solar-powered irrigation system to small farming cooperatives in one of the poorest parts of Kenya.

In Zambia, young women are most at risk of contracting HIV, and many girls get pregnant before the age of 18. Health clinics in the country have therefore begun training young volunteers to provide sex and health information to their peers.

Hon har fängslats, tvingats i exil och lever under ständigt dödshot – nu får hon svenska regeringens pris. Årets Per Anger-pris tilldelas den kongolesiska människorättsförsvararen Gégé Katana Bukuru för hennes ihärdiga kamp för kvinnors rättigheter i det våldsdrabbade Demokratiska Republiken Kongo.