Congratulations Pedro Vemba Cidade, one of the recipients of the 2016 #FirstGeneration award for inspiring young people to achieve the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

After decades of civil war, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) was established in 2013. Among its mandated functions is to support the Federal Government of Somalia in the areas of peace- and state-building.

Not a day goes by without us seeing and hearing about the hardships endured by people all over the world in their search for protection from conflicts and natural disasters. The number of forcibly displaced people now exceeds 65 million, of whom 21 million are legally regarded as refugees under the UNHCR’s mandate.

I was honoured to be part of the first celebration by UNESCO of the International Access to Information Day. It was a joy to catch the Photo exhibition of Sweden’s 250 years anniversary of the Freedom of Press Act.

Efter 15 års frånvaro återvänder nu Sverige till Tunisien. Idag inviger utrikesminister Margot Wallström Sveriges ambassad på plats i Tunis.

Sweden, Fiji and small island developing states to make sure Sustainable Development Goal 14 gets off to a flying start

Att åka utomlands över jul och nyår är populärt bland många svenskar, och Sydafrika är ett av resmålen som kan locka. Här följer lite råd från svenska ambassaden i Pretoria att tänka på inför och under resan.

Trade in services is spurring growth in Africa as it becomes more advanced and specialised. Now, as the Global Goals are to be implemented, there is great potential for Swedish solutions in water purification, environmental technology and sanitation.

The historic ties and the joint belief in international solidarity still form the basis of Swedish-South African relations. On October 19-20 this will be manifested through the bi-annual Binational Commission in Stockholm under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, writes Anders Hagelberg, Ambassador of Sweden to South Africa.