Globalisation has reduced poverty in the world – but it has also increased inequality. Consequently, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is now strengthening its efforts to ensure fairer globalisation.

Today, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) is presenting new country reports on human rights, democracy and the rule of law. The launch is part of the Government’s work to promote, prevent and influence developments in these areas.

At Sweden’s initiative, Johan Bävman’s photo exhibition Swedish Dads was on display at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris for several weeks in March and April. The exhibition shows 25 fathers on parental leave, and offers a snapshot of Swedish dads’ views on parental leave and gender equality. Some 10 000–15 000 people saw the exhibition at the OECD.

Under året har Europa drabbats av nya terroristattentat, senast på en julmarknad i Berlin. Många svenskar upplever en oro och osäkerhet när de ska ut och resa. En fråga som ofta kommer upp är den om UD:s arbete med reseinformation och när och hur UD egentligen avråder från resor. Och kan UD avråda från resor på grund av risker för till exempel terrorismattentat redan innan något skett? Jon Åström Gröndahl, chef för UD:s konsulära enhet, förklarar hur UD förhåller sig till detta.

Recently, Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Robert Azevêdo and Sweden’s Minister for EU Affairs and Trade Ann Linde met in Stockholm for talks on the challenges facing global trade in these times of protectionist currents.

Wikipedia is the world’s most used online encyclopaedia. Among the millions of articles there are four times as many articles about men as there are about women. Behind the scenes the figures are even worse: only nine per cent of editors are women and one per cent are transgender people; the rest are men. Moreover, the majority of those who edit articles are well-educated people from countries in the west.
But this can be changed. Sweden’s Embassy in New Delhi decided to help out.

Kanada är ett populärt resmål bland många svenskar. Sveriges ambassadör i Kanada, Per Sjögren, ger här några tips och råd om vad du bör tänka på inför och under resan.

Women and young girls are the hardest hit by HIV. It is twice as common for girls and young women (15– 24 years old) to contract HIV as boys and men in the same age group. This was one of the issues raised recently during a panel discussion in Stockholm on women’s sexual and reproductive rights.