Global cooperation and a strong UN

Sweden is a member of the UN Security Council this year

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Sweden is a member of the UN Security Council this year.

Our foreign policy is firmly rooted in international law, human rights, gender equality and a humanitarian perspective.

The answers to the world’s big questions can be found in political solutions. This is why Sweden’s seat on the UN Security Council is so important. It gives us an opportunity to work for global solutions for peace, gender equality and human rights where they are needed most – but also where they are most difficult to achieve.

Sweden’s voice will continue to be heard in the Security Council right up to New Year’s Eve 2018. We will maintain our grand visions – but also remain a voice for progress in the small victories of cooperation.

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We are pushing for peace

Sweden and the United Nations have long history together. We joined in 1946. We have been pushing for peace ever since.

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The world must invest in peacebuilding

We must act before wars are waged and massacres committed. Watch our#NoNewNames Movie!