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Global cooperation and a strong UN

We need more international cooperation, not less

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In July, Sweden held the Presidency of the UN Security Council. This was Sweden’s second and final Presidency during our two-year membership in 2017–2018. Sweden continues to assume its share of the joint responsibility and to live up to the confidence that UN Member States have placed in us by electing Sweden to the Security Council.

The UN and multilateral cooperation are needed more than ever. We need a global rules-based system for peace and security. And we need to create the conditions for development, gender equality, and sustainable and inclusive societies, where together we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

During its Presidency of the Security Council in July, Sweden assumed responsibility for the Council’s entire agenda and continue to contribute to the Council fulfilling its main function under the Charter of the United Nations – maintaining international peace and security.

We built on the constructive climate of dialogue established during the Secretary-General’s annual informal working meeting with the Security Council, held at Dag Hammarskjöld’s estate in Backåkra, Sweden, in April. In connection with this visit, UN Secretary-General António Guterres described Sweden as a “bridge-builder in the Security Council”. These efforts will continue.

Sweden’s work in the Security Council continues to take its cue from the DNA of Swedish diplomacy: international law, human rights, gender equality and a humanitarian perspective. Our work is permeated by the fundamental insight that peace and security concern everyone. Women must be given a place at the negotiating table. Protecting children today will prevent the conflicts of tomorrow.

We want the Security Council to be better at addressing new risks and challenges, such as the link between climate change and security.

We also want to continue to provide the opportunity for those affected by the crises of our time to share their perspectives in the Security Council’s meetings.

We need more international cooperation, not less. This is how we can best tackle the threats, crises and conflicts of our time.

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Sweden as President of the UN Security Council

To address the conflicts, crises and challenges of our time, the world needs more international cooperation – not less. Our presidency has ended but Sweden remains committed to contributing to the work of the #UNSC until 31 December 2018.

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#NoNewNames – focus on prevention today to save lives tomorrow

We didn’t fail to see conflicts coming – we failed to respond in time. It is time to step up. To assess and act on the risks of violent conflicts must lie at the heart of the UN’s work. As a member of the UN Security Council, Sweden is fully committed to this end.

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