Democracy and human rights

Sweden will always stand up for human rights

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The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone in human history. It was signed in Paris on 10 December 1948 – 70 years ago. To mark the 70th anniversary, we want to honour some of the heroes who held the pen. Check out the articles below.

Respect for human rights has increased since 1948, but today democracy and human rights are being challenged around the world. This requires their defenders to make their voices heard.

Sweden will always stand up for human rights. Sweden is working to counteract the shrinking scope for democracy, freedom of expression and human rights in many parts of the world. Particular focus is on the safety of journalists, conditions for women journalists, the principle of public access to official documents, and source criticism as an answer to disinformation.

We are also celebrating 100 years of democracy in Sweden. One hundred years ago, a decision was taken in the Riksdag to introduce universal and equal suffrage. The reform was carried out following a long struggle and intensive advocacy efforts and the decision is regarded as a milestone in the history of Swedish democracy.