His engagement in sustainability gained momentum when he was studying engineering, specialising in environment and sustainable development. One thing he learned during his studies was the importance of advocacy to change people’s attitude to themselves and to the rest of the world. And it is in advocacy that #FirstGeneration attaché Vishal Parekh sees his future. 

In cooperation with a network of Egyptian alumni who have graduated from Master, PhD and other programmes in Sweden, the Embassy of Sweden in Cairo organised a #FirstGeneration event in the form of a panel discussion on the Global Development Agenda on April 20th. The meeting brought together key stakeholders for an interactive and enriching discussion around the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), their implementation, as well as the interlinkages with national sustainable development strategies in Egypt.

Sarah Daleke’s first real experience of a different culture was when she went to India after upper secondary school to work as an au pair. She then went on to study global media and communication science and various courses in Kenya and Uganda.  Sarah’s encounters with different cultures and people resulted in global engagement, and the determination to explore the world and understand how it all fits together, mainly from an environmental and climate perspective.

Making daily life more sustainable is one of the cornerstones of achieving the Global Goals by 2030. This is an issue that students from Austria addressed in a video competition for young people held by the Embassy of Sweden in Vienna. A jury selected five winning entries by young people who had produced films taking the Global Goals as their starting point and focusing on sustainable food consumption.

Rwanda is still in the midst of the reconciliation process following the 1994 genocide, and the country is especially focusing on young people as an important group. So when the Embassy of Sweden in Rwanda decided to launch an initiative for the Global Goals, it was natural to focus on Goal 16 – peace and justice

Huge engagement and desire for change are often what characterises #FirstGeneration inspirational figures. Shi Yu, Zhang Wenmo, Chi Ge and Jiang Yuqing are no exception. These four driven and inspirational young women want to engage in highlighting gender equality issues and women’s rights. Their huge engagement won them a trip to Sweden to meet a number of representatives of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and discuss gender equality. 

Already as a little girl, Frida Lind decided that she wanted to get involved in making the world a better place. Now, she is combining her studies for a Masters degree in global development with chairing the Malmö United Nations Association, lecturing on behalf of the United Nations Association of Sweden and acting as a correspondent for the United Nations Youth Association Network. She was also one of the participants at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum. Frida is a true multitasking inspiration.

“There are many different fields to explore in cooperation and in dialogue. But what could be better than to start from the beginning and to aim for the future?” said Sweden’s Ambassador to Egypt Charlotta Sparre during a First Generation event in Cairo. “The beginning of course being childhood, and the future being the young generation”.

You cannot fail to notice that Lucas Moura Máximo is passionate about inspiring others. He works with huge commitment to create an inclusive society and involve young people in important decision-making processes. He is convinced that the key to sustainable development lies with young people’s engagement. Brazilian Lucas Moura Máximo is an inspiration and was one of the prize winners at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum.

As a marine biologist and communications officer, she wants to pursue issues to do with human and climate impacts on our oceans, but also the oceans’ significance to people and the climate. She hopes to use science communication to influence decision-makers and society to take greater responsibility for our oceans. Meet Isabell Stenson, one of the participants at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum