Sarah Daleke’s first real experience of a different culture was when she went to India after upper secondary school to work as an au pair. She then went on to study global media and communication science and various courses in Kenya and Uganda.  Sarah’s encounters with different cultures and people resulted in global engagement, and the determination to explore the world and understand how it all fits together, mainly from an environmental and climate perspective.

Sarah has learned a great deal from her travels. Although two of her long trips were study-related, Sarah has learned the most important lessons about people, culture and the global society outside the classroom. But her engagement is not only international – it continues at home too. In her role as a Sida alumnus, she gave talks at Swedish schools on development aid, international development cooperation and the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development. When that came to an end, Sarah realised there was still more she wanted to do.

“I noticed when I was out giving my talks – both to children and adults – that there is a huge interest in environmental issues, but that apart from recycling and using the car less, many people don’t really know what they can do to contribute to a more sustainable future. I felt that I wanted to keep doing the work I’d been doing, informing people about the global goals, especially everything about the environmental goals.”

No sooner said than done. Sarah’s engagement sparked the idea of a project called TakeActionTalks. The thinking behind TakeActionTalks is that it should serve as a bridge between science and the general public, explaining the world from an environmental perspective in a simple and interesting way. Hopefully, the project will result in more people finding it easier and more fun to contribute to a sustainable world.

“It is important that in society at large there is easily accessible and accurate information about what the world really looks like, as well as readily available concrete suggestions on what we can actually do if we want to get involved and help make the world a better place.”

Sarah Daleke’s project, TakeActionTalks, aims to get more people engaged in the transition to a more sustainable society. Click here for a closer look at her project (link in swedish).

Under #FirstGeneration GlobalGoals Forum, Sarah was liaison officer to award-winning teacher and inspirer Edmond Umuvandimwe. Edmond is deeply engaged in peace issues. In his role as a secondary school teacher in Rwanda, he strives to promote discussions about peace and values at school, at home and in everyday life. The days in Stockholm have given Sarah inspiration and food for thought.

“I am happy and grateful to have been able to meet all these amazing enthusiasts from different parts of the world and to see and hear about their commitments in different areas.”

Sarah Daleke and Edmond Umuvandimwe.