You cannot fail to notice that Lucas Moura Máximo is passionate about inspiring others. He works with huge commitment to create an inclusive society and involve young people in important decision-making processes. He is convinced that the key to sustainable development lies with young people’s engagement. Brazilian Lucas Moura Máximo is an inspiration and was one of the prize winners at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum.

We got to know Lucas Moura Máximo at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum. His dedicated work to involve young people and civil society in efforts to achieve the Global Goals shows that everyone can contribute and bring about change. By day, Lucas studies International Relations at the Federal University of Paraíba. As his studies have progressed, his interest in development issues and the Global Goals has grown, and now he is also focused on these issues outside the classroom. Through youth organisation Engajamundo and the Sustainable Development Observatory, Lucas works to create an inclusive society and highlight issues to do with sustainable urban development.

Offers inspiration throughout Brazil
Together with other students, Lucas has also launched a project highlighting the important role of civil society in achieving the Global Goals. Since the project began in 2015, Lucas and the other initiators have given talks on the Global Goals to school pupils, students, teachers and civil servants throughout north-eastern Brazil.  Several of the initiatives and proposed projects that Lucas and his friends have presented in their talks have been started up in various areas of Brazil.

Young people are the torchbearers of change
A number of inspirational figures came together at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum. They all work in different ways to inspire others to achieve the Global Goals. The Forum was an opportunity to exchange experience, and also to highlight the important work done by these individuals. For Lucas it was an important and inspiring event that offered new insights, and gave him new impetus to continue his work.

“The most important thing I took from the #FirstGeneration Forum – and from the global network I am now part of – is the encouragement to keep working with social impact based on the belief that young people are the torchbearers of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda.”

Lucas Moura Máximo with Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.