As a marine biologist and communications officer, she wants to pursue issues to do with human and climate impacts on our oceans, but also the oceans’ significance to people and the climate. She hopes to use science communication to influence decision-makers and society to take greater responsibility for our oceans. Meet Isabell Stenson, one of the participants at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum

Of the 17 Global Goals, Goal 14, oceans and marine resources, is closest to Isabell Stenson’s heart. A burning interest in the oceans, sustainability and communication led her to a role as a communications officer at the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. Her work there involves spreading knowledge of the latest research into the vulnerable state of our oceans and measures that can be taken to improve it.

“For me, the most important aspect of communicating marine issues is making people understand that marine resilience and resources are finite, and that the oceans are an important factor in the effects of climate change.”

Important to involve young people
Through #FirstGeneration, Isabell has come into contact with other young people with a passion for making the world a more sustainable and equitable place. Harnessing young people’s engagement is an important cornerstone in achieving sustainable development, Isabell believes. She feels that the 17 Global Goals and initiatives such as #FirstGeneration have an important and positive impact.

“In the Global Goals, we’ve been given a toolbox, with labels showing what the countries of the world currently see as most important right now. I think the goals and targets in the 2030 Agenda will lead more people to find ways to contribute and get involved. It’s also important to highlight young role models, as #FirstGeneration is doing, allowing us to see young, strong-willed people who are achieving so much on their own.”

Individuals can make a difference
During the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum, Isabell acted as attaché to prize winner Prudensia George. A teacher, Prudensia works to raise young women’s awareness of their right to sexual and reproductive health.  She is also one of the people who inspires Isabell to continue to work for global sustainable development.

“We attachés had the chance to get to know the inspirational figures and hear their stories from around the world. For me, the most inspirational thing was seeing how much individual people can achieve in the fight against inequalities, injustices and natural resource and climate challenges.”

Newly found friends, Prudensia from Tanzania and Isabell from Sweden.



*Attaché: For the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum in Stockholm, each prize winner was paired with a young activist nominated by various organisations in Sweden. The attaché assisted the prize winner during their time in Stockholm.