We are the first generation that can eradicate extreme poverty, laying the foundation for a sustainable future.

For this reason, some twenty inspirers from around the world will meet in the Swedish capital on 5 October. A global network of educators and inspirational figures is now being created to step up the pressure to achieve the UN’s 17 Global Goals.

There is a positive story to be told. Now it is time to celebrate and pass on the engagement of these educators and inspirational figures, which is so needed in the World.

On 25 September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted 17 Global Goals as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. All 193 UN Member States have signed the agreement.

This is a hugely positive milestone in today’s otherwise troubled world. Sweden wants to capitalise on this, and for this reason, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs is running the initiative #FirstGeneration.

Young people’s engagement is one of the keys to success. Through #FirstGeneration, we aim to celebrate and draw inspiration from the creativity of the younger generation, and at the same time build networks for the future. It is essential for global development that the leaders of tomorrow build global networks today to exchange knowledge and experience.

At the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum in Stockholm, we will celebrate these crucial inspirational figures and for the first time present the #FirstGeneration Award – for inspiring young people to achieve the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This award highlights the essential role of educators and inspirational figures, and will be signed by Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin.

Naturally, the fact that the Forum will take place on World Teachers’ Day is no coincidence. Teachers and other educators have a vital role in inspiring the young, and several of the inspirational figures coming to Stockholm work as teachers.

The Forum’s moderator will be presenter and YouTube star Clara Henry. She is also Sweden’s first youth ambassador for the Global Goals, and is highly engaged in the issues.

“I’m super-excited! I have so many followers who will undoubtedly be wielding power in the future. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing young people with drive and engagement on human rights and the Global Goals. I think it will be interesting and educational, and that I will go home that evening both angry and happy at the same time. Angry, because some people in the world still don’t have the right to education, clean water and other things that we take for granted, but happy because at least we’re on the right path.”

A number of discussions, panel debates and creative workshops on the Global Goals were held at Sweden’s embassies around the world in the first half of this year. The embassies were then asked to invite the most brilliant and inspirational figures from their countries of operations to the Forum.

The invited guests’ engagement in the Global Goals is based on a variety of circumstances. Bangladesh and the Marshall Islands, for example, are hard-hit by climate change. Others are working with issues to do with gender equality and sustainability. The inspirational figures invited to the Forum come from Angola, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Estonia, France, the Marshall Islands, Mexico, Rwanda, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates and Sweden.

We hope that you want to help them to spread their crucial engagement throughout the world. Let’s band together to tell their positive stories as inspiring examples of what the world needs.

We are placing our hope in the first generation.

You, me, all of us together – we are the #FirstGeneration.

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