Already as a little girl, Frida Lind decided that she wanted to get involved in making the world a better place. Now, she is combining her studies for a Masters degree in global development with chairing the United Nation Association of Malmö, lecturing on behalf of the United Nations Association of Sweden and acting as a correspondent for the United Nations Youth Association Network. She was also one of the participants at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum. Frida is a true multitasking inspiration.

Frida is an active advocate for the Global Goals in both her studies and her voluntary work. Through her work lecturing for the United Nations Association, and previously for Sida Alumni, she visits schools, companies and organisations all over Sweden and gives talks about sustainable development, aid and global issues and tries to inspire others to make a positive difference. The Global Goals that Frida is particularly passionate about are Goal 13 on climate action, Goal 10 on reduced inequality within and among countries, and Goal 5 on gender equality. Nonetheless, she emphasises that all 17 Goals are interdependent, and they are all keys to achieving sustainable development.

Frida Lind in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Anything is possible – if we do it together
During the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum, Frida acted as attaché* to prize winner Mabel Lara. Mabel is one of Colombia’s most prominent journalists; a strong female role model fighting for gender equality and a more inclusive society. Over two intensive days, the attachés and their prize winners had the opportunity to get to know one another and exchange ideas about how we can work together to achieve the Global Goals. The experience was inspiring and important, Frida says.

“The most important thing I took away from the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum was getting to know the other participants and the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas. It was an inspiring two days where the overriding feeling was that anything is possible – if we do it together. We are the first generation that can eradicate extreme poverty and tackle climate change, and young people are important actors in achieving this. Without young people’s engagement and inclusion in the process, it will be difficult to implement the 2030 Agenda.”

Frida Lind and Mabel Lara at #FirsGeneration Global Goals Forum.

Creating hope for a brighter future
As a practised inspirer and advocate, Frida has a number of thoughts on how best to harness young people’s engagement.

“The first step is that everyone has to be aware of the Global Goals and understand their significance. Personally, I think that the Global Goals should be included in the school curriculum, so that during school hours young people have the chance to learn about sustainability, discuss the aim of the Goals and offer their own proposals for what can be done by individuals, and also together. If we want to achieve positive change, we have to create hope for a brighter future and understand that our own actions matter. Small, everyday actions are crucial if we are to achieve the Goals by 2030.”

#FirsGeneration Global Goals Forum.



*Attaché: For the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum in Stockholm, each prize winner was paired with a young activist nominated by various organisations in Sweden. The attaché assisted the prize winner during their time in Stockholm.