”There’s no substitutes’ bench in the Scouts, and that goes for the Global Goals, too”, said Hannah Stanton, representative of the Swedish Scout Movement, meeting with the First Generation team in Stockholm.

”The Goals affect me as much as they affect, say, a Zambian child”, she continued, stressing the importance of participation by everyone, everywhere. Stanton, recently awarded with a scholarship from the King of Sweden’s Foundation for Young Leadership, also called for more room at the negotiating table for young people. And even though a voice is important and talking about what needs to be done is a good thing, putting words to action is what the Goals are all about. Stanton hailed her hometown of Malmö in southern Sweden as a good example of just that, implementing the 2030 Agenda into the city council’s own before the agenda itself was formally ratified by the UN.

Scout Movements around the world are also eager to do their part in reaching the goals set for 2030, having a good understanding of the significance of the Global Goals and their aim of making the world a better and sustainable place for everyone.

The knowledge is there, the will is there, and the strength in numbers is there. Forty million scouts worldwide make up a force to be reckoned with in the quest for sustainable development through the Global Goals.

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