Speaking to a number of foreign dignitaries in Stockholm yesterday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström expressed her gratitude for electing Sweden to take a non-permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.

Never have our oceans been as stressed as they are today. And yet, the world has long chosen not to recognise or acknowledge the seriousness of the situation, or perhaps it has seen the problems as isolated issues. This is why the UN Ocean Conference in June is so important.

Already as a little girl, Frida Lind decided that she wanted to get involved in making the world a better place. Now, she is combining her studies for a Masters degree in global development with chairing the Malmö United Nations Association, lecturing on behalf of the United Nations Association of Sweden and acting as a correspondent for the United Nations Youth Association Network. She was also one of the participants at the #FirstGeneration Global Goals Forum. Frida is a true multitasking inspiration.

In March and April, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Palestine and Bangladesh will publish current gender statistics. This is the result of a Swedish development aid venture, in which Statistics Sweden has trained and provided support to statisticians and users of statistics during one year.

Det är nu sex år sedan konflikten i Syrien inleddes när regimen mötte fredliga protester med brutalt våld. Den enda hållbara vägen framåt är en politisk lösning på konflikten.

Sweden is working to improve women’s resources in a number of areas. These range from development cooperation and assistance to achieve economic empowerment to leadership training and trade union rights.

Combating violence against women, reforming discriminatory legislation and highlighting the particular vulnerability of women and girls in migration flows. These are some examples of areas in which Sweden is taking measures to strengthen women’s rights.

“There are many different fields to explore in cooperation and in dialogue. But what could be better than to start from the beginning and to aim for the future?” said Sweden’s Ambassador to Egypt Charlotta Sparre during a First Generation event in Cairo. “The beginning of course being childhood, and the future being the young generation”.