The Swedish Embassy in Tirana, together with the United Nations in Albania and the Albanian Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs, celebrated United Nations Day on October 24 by raising, discussing and highlighting gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Globalisation, digital transformation and rapid technological developments have paved the way for amazing progress around the world. But some people risk being left behind. The Global Deal aims to remedy this situation by strengthening dialogue and cooperation. One early adopter of the Global Deal was Tunisia, a country where social dialogue has been hugely successful.

More than 50 students pulled an all-nighter in Honduras earlier this year to think up technical solutions to gender-based violence in the country’s first ever ‘diplohack’.The event, held in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, was a collaboration between the Swedish and Dutch embassies in Central America, UNESCO, Plan Honduras and the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

There is an important story about women, peace and security that needs to be told.
We are putting the spotlight on women who have paved the way – the bold and the brave – and we know there are and can be many more of them.
We are pushing for #MoreWomenMorePeace

Today, Sweden is celebrating the Feast of Saint Lucia. It is a festival of light which brightens up the winter darkness. But elsewhere, where it’s not quite so dark, two Swedish embassies are illuminating the way with sustainable energy from another celestial body, namely the sun.

Sweden is by far the largest donor to gender equality initiatives in Ukraine where change is underway, slowly but surely.
Ukraine has not ratified the Istanbul Convention but legislative proposals in the spirit of the Convention were recently presented to the parliament. These legislative proposals make clear that domestic violence is a criminal act.