Plogging relay spreads across the world

Published 19 June 2019 in:

More and more Swedish embassies are getting out and going jogging and litter-picking – plogging! The Swedish phenomenon is spreading across the world, like a relay. Most recently it was the Embassy in Guatemala taking action for the sake of the climate. Why don’t you challenge your colleagues too?

Just in time for World Environment Day, Sweden’s Embassy in Guatemala took over the baton from Kinshasa in Sweden’s plogging relay: #PloggingForThePlanet. Together with a local organisation, Embassy staff went out plogging, and this was done as part of a local cultural festival in Guatemala City. Since the city had been named the ‘Ibero-American Green Capital for 2019’, the festival’s special focus on the environment was very fitting.

Together, some 100 participants made Guate (as the capital is locally known) a little cleaner. T-shirts with the slogan Yo soy plogger, I am a plogger, had been specially designed for the day and were handed out to participants, along with a glove and a biodegradable bag. After warming up together, the ploggers could then choose between a shorter 2-kilometre route or a longer 5-kilometre one.

The plogging event ended with information about how the litter is sorted and the importance of reducing waste rather than just recycling.
Other Swedish embassies that have plogged in recent months include Vilnius, Kampala, Bern, Kinshasa, Bangkok, Yangon, Berlin, Lisbon and Washington. The MFA in Stockholm has also taken on the challenge.

Ploggers in Bern plogged around the Aare River together with the organisation Trash Hero. The ploggers found a lot of rubbish, including 5 304 cigarette butts.
Several embassies have combined plogging with other activities, such as vegetarian cooking and campaigns to share green life hacks in social media.

The Embassy in Guatemala also launched a new initiative in cooperation with Rafael Landivar University. The idea is to support research on climate change impacts and help educate farmers on climate-adapted techniques and structures to be able to influence environmental decision-making processes.

Guatemala is considered one of the countries in the world that is impacted the most by climate change, making it essential to adapt and diversify agriculture to cope with increasing droughts and more unpredictable rain periods.

Plogging in Yangon, Myanmar.

Plogging in Kinshasa, D.R. Kongo.

Plogging in Bern, Switzerland.

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Plogging in Bangkok, Thailand.