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Published 1 April 2019 in:

Sweden has a strong position as global leader in innovation and has a high position in international comparisons. But what are we doing to strengthen our position? Many activities are currently taking place in India, China, the United States, Brazil, Korea and Japan, where Sweden has Offices of Science and Innovation. You can now follow their work and these countries’ development in a new blog.

Despite its limited population, Sweden has a strong position as global innovation leader, but this cannot be taken for granted.

Many actors in Sweden’s innovation system have well-developed contacts and networks in other countries. Despite this, support and guidance is also needed to facilitate the establishment and, in some cases, strengthening of international science and innovation-related cooperation which may eventually lead to trade, job opportunities and investment in Sweden.

This is why Sweden has set up Offices of Science and Innovation at its embassies in New Delhi, Tokyo, Brasília, Beijing and Washington D.C. On 1 April an Office also was set up at the Embassy in Seoul.

Staff at the Offices of Science and Innovation act as strategic advisers for international cooperation and bring the Swedish innovation, research and higher education systems together with each country’s system.

Put simply, the Offices aim to strengthen our international relations and create points of contact that have previously been missing.

The work of the Offices is both important and exciting. It has been possible to follow the Offices on Twitter for some time, and now there is also a science and innovation blog (

The blog will provide a new window to the world where you can follow the Offices’ work and see how developments in science and innovation look in the various countries.

Take a look at the blog here:

Our innovation councillors (and bloggers) and their Twitter accounts:

Written by Lena Bruce,
Manager of the Secretariat for Offices of Science and Innovation abroad