Innovate with us! Sweden is the Partner Country at Hannover Messe 2019

Published 25 March 2019 in:

Sweden is the Partner Country at Hannover Messe 2019 – the world’s largest trade fair. The privilege of being Partner Country is normally granted to large industrial countries such as the United States, Russia, India and China – but now it is Sweden’s turn.

Germany is the promised land of the trade fair. The term ‘biggest in the world’ is often the catchword. And this is certainly true for the annual Hannover Messe. Automated, digitalised and smart industries from all over the world are brought together in an area of almost half a million square metres for one week each year. The trade fair is so large that visitors have to travel between the halls by shuttle bus.

The fair will take place between 1 and 5 April. Some 2 500 international journalists will be there to report on the latest trends to be showcased. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfven will be in attendance at the inauguration and during the first day of the fair.

“In Germany, the image of Sweden tends to be a rosy one – in rather a romantic and traditional way: red cottages, elks and Pippi Longstocking. We want to show that Sweden is also an innovative and prominent hi-tech country with world-leading companies and that there are major business and collaboration opportunities, not least within the framework of the Sweden-Germany innovation partnership,” says Sweden’s Ambassador to Germany, Per Thöresson.

The main focus will be on start-up and scale-up companies. Some 40 Swedish start-up and scale-up companies will take part.

So what happens during Hannover Messe? The fair brings together an average of 6 500 exhibitors from over 70 countries for five days and attracts more than 220 000 visitors from around the world. The emphasis is on heavy, automated industry, but has in recent years moved towards digitalisation. In Hanover in 2011, the term ‘the fourth industrial revolution – industry 4.0’ was coined, indicating the creation of smart factories in which all production is online.

Sweden will be showcased in the Sweden Co-Lab Pavilion, where visitors are taken on a digital journey during which a smart production line shows cutting-edge solutions from participating partners. The pavilion will have an events stage, meeting rooms, a bar and a café – it will be a meeting place where Swedish exhibitors can showcase their work and where seminars, workshops, press briefings and other activities can take place hour after hour over the course of the entire week.

The overarching concept for Sweden’s presence is ‘Sweden – Co-Lab’. This is about cooperation-oriented and experimental approaches that often give rise to new innovations, technical solutions and business opportunities.

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