“For me, Sweden is a peaceful shell”

Published 2 July 2018 in:

Global Swede Grace

Get to know the Global Swedes: Grace Turyasingura, Uganda, Örebro University

Why did you move to Sweden?
I moved to Sweden because I wanted further education. I received a scholarship to study a Master’s programme in Örebro that was unique.

What is your perception of Sweden?
Sweden is a peaceful, beautiful country with plenty of opportunities. You really can do anything here if you just make the effort and take the chances you are offered. People here are polite and kind, which has made my stay in Sweden easy even though I don’t know the language. For me, Sweden is a peaceful shell.

What do you have to say about your experiences in Sweden?
Sweden has opened my eyes to outdoor activities. I have learned a lot about outdoor activities, things that I didn’t do in Uganda – like biking. I’m very grateful for that.

What are you studying?
I’m studying a Master’s programme in Innate Immunity in Health and Disease at the School of Medical Sciences, Örebro University.

Why do you think you were nominated for the Global Swede award?
I think it has to do with the fact that I am an international ambassador for the Innate Immunity Master’s programme at Örebro University. Also, I have learned to balance academia with other activities while maintaining good grades. I am really grateful for this award!

What differences and similarities do you see between Sweden and Uganda?
First of all – the weather in Sweden is different from the weather in Uganda. In Uganda it is an average of 25 degrees all year around. The food and the food prices differ. There is plenty of cheap organic food in Uganda. Also, the culture is different here in Sweden. There aren’t any clear hierarchies in Sweden, which has made communicating with my professors at Örebro University much easier. Being able to communicate freely with my professors has really shaped my learning experience.

Have you been involved in any projects?
In academia, I’ve been involved in a cancer research project. I have also been involved in projects that were organised by the Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders that have focused on sustainability and development.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to continue in academia, pursue PhD studies and establish collaboration between Sweden and Uganda in terms of research and improving health care in Uganda.