Sustainability in focus for Swedish companies in Russia

Published 21 December 2017 in:

Last year the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow, together with Swedish companies operating in Russia, initiated a sustainability network to raise the profile of sustainability and environmental issues in the business sector. The network meets regularly and engages both Swedish and Russian companies.

Russia has named 2017 the Year of Ecology and the country has signed the Paris Agreement (although it has not yet ratified it). The sustainability network is therefore very timely from a Russian perspective.

Via the network, the Embassy has organised seminars on various themes, such as recycling, circular economy and smart cities. Earlier this year, the Embassy and Russia’s Higher School of Economics organised a seminar on sustainability and climate neutrality as competitive advantages. Swedish and Russian experts and companies, as well as official representatives and students, attended the seminar to talk about the importance of sustainability in relation to company branding and competitiveness, and the necessity of transforming the business sector to become more sustainable.

“The network enables the Embassy and representatives of Swedish companies to develop joint initiatives that raise issues that are important to Sweden, while at the same time offering our companies an opportunity to strengthen their sustainability profile. Thanks to the initiative, those responsible for sustainability issues at Swedish companies have a forum where they can exchange ideas and experiences,” says Björn Halvarsson at the Embassy in Moscow.

This case relates to Global Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure.