Cartoonists paint alarming picture of climate change

Published 12 December 2017 in:

Sustainable solutions to the climate challenges of today and tomorrow are required. World leaders, researchers and innovative businesses are doing what they can to reduce our negative impact on the climate. But people’s awareness of climate change also needs to increase. With this in mind, the Swedish Institute launched the exhibition ‘Facing the Climate’, in which Swedish cartoonists offer some amusing, yet alarming reflections on climate change.

Illustrations by Magnus Bard (left), Helena Lindholm (right) and Love Antell (top of page).

The exhibition was first shown in Australia in 2015, in Canberra in September and Adelaide in November. It has since been seen by hundreds of people around the world. Initially, Swedish cartoonists Love Antell, Magnus Bard, Riber Hansson, Helena Lindholm and Karin Sunvisson took on the climate challenge with their creative pens, but other cartoonists around the world have now joined the project, which is continuing to grow in many places.

The Swedish Embassy in Canberra brought the exhibition on tour to the Pacific region, reaching the islands of Tuvalu and Samoa last year.

This year, the Embassy continued the climate-related theme by participating in the Climate Café at the Australian National University, where Australian cartoonist Stuart McMillen spoke about communicating using caricatures and addressed the question: ‘Can cartoons transform our attitudes to climate change?’

This case relates to Global Goal 13: Climate action.

Read more about the ‘Facing the Climate’ exhibition here and the work by the Swedish Embassy in Canberra to showcase it here.