Nordic embassies in South Africa get men to talk about gender

Published 10 December 2017 in:

Including men and encouraging positive dialogue on gender equality. This was the goal of the Nordic embassies in South Africa when they ran a social media campaign focusing on male gender roles, engagement and responsibility.

In the work to increase gender equality, the spotlight naturally often falls on women and their perspective. But men also have an important part to play in challenging existing gender roles and promoting gender equality. To highlight this, the Nordic embassies in South Africa invited men to take part in discussions on gender equality and reflect on issues such as fatherhood, masculinity and their role in society.

The campaign was one of several global initiatives under the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and was shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram under the hashtag #GenderNordicsSA.

It culminated in December 2016 with a round-table discussion on the theme ‘Changing male gender roles in the Nordics and South Africa’. In addition to the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish embassies, a host of other actors took part in the discussions, including former presidential candidate Mathews Phosa and representatives of the United Nations Population Fund and UN Women Africa. Universities, non-governmental organisations and other civil society actors also participated.

This case relates to Global Goal 5: Gender Equality 

This case relates to Human Rights’ Day

See the #GenderNordicsSA campaign on Twitter