Seventeen young ambassadors for seventeen Global Goals

Published 9 December 2017 in:

For several years now, the United Nations Association of Sweden has trained engaged young people to become ambassadors in their local area for the 2030 Agenda. Ahead of the 2017–2018 academic year, 17 members of the UN Association between the ages of 18 and 26 were trained to participate in its ambassador programme.

During the year, the young people, who live throughout Sweden, will initiate, plan and implement a whole host of different activities aimed at spreading information about, and increasing engagement in, the 2030 Agenda and the Global Goals. Many of the young ambassadors go out and about to give presentations, and they are also encouraged to cooperate with local UN associations, UN schools and others.

Get to know two of the young ambassadors below:

NAME: Elias Aspudd
AGE: 19
LOCATION: Uddevalla

I chose to become an ambassador for the 2030 Agenda because I strongly believe in the whole concept – making the problems visible, clarifying what is required to solve them and doing our work with a view to making the world a better place. I want to be part of making sure the 2030 Agenda is talked about and followed.

Which is your favourite Global Goal and why?
Goal 13 on climate action is my favourite Global Goal. Most people are well-aware of what is going on, but few are willing to change their lifestyles to solve the problem. But it doesn’t mean turning your whole world upside-down, it is about reflecting on which habits and parts of your lifestyle you can do without. That’s how we will defeat climate change, once and for all.

NAME: Maria Gulamhusein
AGE: 22
LOCATION: Gothenburg

I want to create change and be part of developing our world. I’m striving for justice and peace. Without them, we cannot achieve development. I want to contribute to a better world, make a difference and inspire the generation of today and the generation of tomorrow. I want to inform people about the importance of integration and diversity for growing together. I want to reach out to people at home and around the world and spread knowledge.

Which is your favourite Global Goal and why?
I’m passionate about all of them, but if I can pick two they would be Goal 5 on gender equality and Goal 4 on quality education. I care about women’s rights because I am a woman myself, a Muslim woman, and we have lots of false and unrealistic ideals imposed on us by the media and society that do not fit in with our own self-image. I want to create confidence for both men and women to embrace themselves and others, rather than striving after the same characteristics and visual attributes.

Goal 5 is about doing away with all forms of discrimination of all women and girls everywhere and ensuring that we get rid of all damaging traditions, such as child marriage and forced marriage. These issues are present in my life, but I am passionate about them not only because they affect me, but also because I quite simply believe in equality for everyone. Access to education is a right that   everyone in the world should enjoy. It is a powerful weapon for changing the world. In the words of Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”


This case relates to Global Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals