Integrating environmental education and sustainability awareness in the Macedonian school system

Published 6 December 2017 in:

To make children more aware of the importance of sustainable consumption and recycling, the Swedish Embassy in Skopje, together with TetraPak and civil society organisations, is supporting the school project EkoPak.

EkoPak is part of efforts to integrate environmental education and sustainability awareness in the Macedonian school system. Through training initiatives for teachers, workshops, competitions and other activities, the children are inspired to adopt more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

The project currently reaches out to 10 000–15 000 schoolchildren, and the number of participating schools is increasing annually. The Swedish Embassy has contributed to the project in various ways, including co-hosting an ‘EkoCamp’ for schoolchildren focusing on increasing awareness of and interest in environmental protection and recycling.

A representative of OOU Dame Gruev school in the town of Gradsko explains: “Our school has participated in the EkoPak project since 2015. We have used old cartons as an example of how to sustainably manage waste. Pupils now recognise the bins for waste separation and have established a waste collection and management system in the school. We believe that through the school activities we will also increase waste management awareness in the local community.”

This case relates to Global Goal 12: Responsible comsumption and production.

More information about the EkoPak project.