Japanese kids build future cities in Swedish video game

Published 5 December 2017 in:

Imagine your future city. It’s easy if you try, especially if you are a kid with your hands on the Swedish video game Minecraft.

It may no longer be top of the Christmas wish-list, but last year Minecraft was a must-have for 9–15 year olds tasked with dreaming up the perfect sustainable city in a competition held by the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo.

The children were asked to image a city that would be nice for people and the planet. A city where they would like to live in the year 2030.

But not only that, the kids had to build the city, too – using the Swedish video game Minecraft.

Some 400 children took part in the competition, and the focus was on innovation, creativity and fresh ideas.

The competition highlighted the role of young people and how including them and their perspectives makes discussions on sustainability more dynamic and nuanced.

Social media was used to spread the word about the competition. Teachers and parents, organisations and companies could all join in, starting a wider conversation about sustainable cities and societies.

This case relates to Global Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

View a slide show from the competition.