Free trade creates jobs and good relations

Published 29 March 2017 in:

La Justice. Sculpture outside WTO (Centre William Rappard). Photo: Sara Norling

Recently, Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Robert Azevêdo and Sweden’s Minister for EU Affairs and Trade Ann Linde met in Stockholm for talks on the challenges facing global trade in these times of protectionist currents.


“Without trade we don’t know of any successful model that is sustainable for development, growth and the creation of jobs,” said Robert Azevêdo.

A functioning system within the framework of the WTO is a prerequisite for many companies. For the Swedish Government, it is important to support predictable, free and fair global trade.

“1.4 million Swedes go to work every day because of trade, because of exports. Trade also creates good relations between countries,” said Ann Linde.