Speak up for free speech!

Published 7 December 2016 in:

It’s 250 years since Sweden established the world’s strongest freedom of the press through a ground-breaking new fundamental law, the Freedom of the Press Act. It was the first legislation of its kind anywhere in the world.

Freedom of the press, freedom of expression and opposition to censorship are of course well worth celebrating – and are still worth fighting for today!

On 2 December, we celebrated the anniversary of the Freedom of the Press Act in Stockholm by organising a seminar for and with female journalists on the theme of hate and threats against women journalists. Ten prominent journalists were invited to share their stories about their experiences and working conditions.

We think that free speech is worth celebrating and fighting for every day, so let’s continue the debate!

Human rights are unfortunately now being challenged more and more around the world. The democratic space for defenders of human rights, opinion-formers, journalists and bloggers is shrinking. Repressive legislation, self-censorship and intimidation are silencing journalists and civil society. It is incredibly important to stop this trend.

Freedom of expression and transparency are fundamental not only to democracy, but also to innovation and combating corruption.

Check out our short film, #FreetheSpeech, on the silence that would appear in a world without free speech. Feel free to share the film.

If you’d like to know more about the history of the freedom of the press in Sweden, feel free to check our our articles on two of the Swedish champions of freedom of the press, Anders Chydenius and Lars Johan Hierta.