Mamma Mia…

Published 27 February 2015 in:

Photo: Catarina Axelsson/MFA

A couple of years ago my wife Karin and I went to the Roma theatre to see one of my favorite musicals, “Les miserables”. The performance was just spectacular. I managed to buy the CD, and we are still in the mood of admiring it.

With that background I had high expectations when my wife and I was invited to the opening night last Saturday of “Mamma Mia!” at the same theatre. We have of course watched the movie (several times…) and the performance in Stockholm as well some years ago.

And our expectations were even surpassed. One of the composers, Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA, said in his short speech that he was proud of the cast, and I understand him. The quality of the singers and dancers was impressive. Add to that a fascinating, modern scenography and you have the result. We loved it – and the audience seemed to love it as well. I guess that also might go for president Komorowski who was there, but I haven’t had possibility to ask him…

Last weekend also brought me to a very different event, the commemoration of the victims in Ukraine one year after Majdan through an ecumenical service in the Greek-catholical church in Warsaw, to which I was invited by my new Ukrainian colleague Andrii Deshchytsia – former Minister of Foreign Affairs. I felt not least on a personal level that it was very important to attend.

The week that now is coming to an end has for me been dominated by two delegations from Stockholm: one from our Ministry of Environment led by our Environment Ambassador Jan Olsson and one from Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by our Political Director Torbjörn Sohlström. Both successful through  valuable discussions in substance with Polish counterparts and as clear indicators of a Strategic Partnership continuing to move forward. Next week I am going to meet the Polish contactpersons in different ministries for this partnership, established through the Declaration on Cooperation signed by our Foreign Ministers in May 2011.

But with the new weekend approaching I look forward to following the final parts of the World Championship in skiing in the Swedish city of Falun – and to do some physical exercise myself as well: meaning more jogging. Warsaw Half Marathon is coming closer. So more training is needed. That will be the program for my Sunday. Enjoy the weekend!