Vacation coming closer

Published 1 July 2014 in:

Photo: Catarina Axelsson/MFA

I am honestly looking forward to the upcoming vacation. Still eight working days to go but it is coming closer. The weather could be more predictable for sure. But I don’t really mind. I just want to be able to go jogging.

Last week was a good jogging week in spite of the tight schedule.

Our Defence attaché Claes Nilsson and I visited the Balt Military Expo in Gdańsk together and managed to squeeze in an early morning jogging tour before the program started. That is a great way to get to know a city. Especially when you can do it close to any kind of water which obviously is easy in Gdańsk.

The Swedish presence was quite significant both from public and private sector. And being an amateur in the area of defence material I learnt a lot – like I normally do when participating in the Kielce MPSO, where we will go again early September. The Polish interest for cooperation with Sweden in the area of defence material is clearly there.

Defence was the recurrent theme also during the rest of the week, since we hosted one of my predecessors, ambassador Tomas Bertelman, who is making an inquiry on behalf of the Government about Sweden’s international defence cooperation – with NATO as well as others. Visits to countries like Poland is an obviously needed element in such an undertaking, but it is also interesting to note the increasing number of visitors from Sweden to Poland dealing with these kind of issues. The visit of the Defence Commission 15 months ago is a case in point. Our dialogue is close and increasingly frequent.

My remaining two weeks before vacation will hopefully be slightly calmer. My calendar is giving some space for catching up with tasks that have been somewhat neglected before. But also for upcoming events like the celebration later this afternoon of the signing of the EU agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine (that took place last Friday in Brussels). It will be a great pleasure to take part. I have worked a lot with these countries before and it is fantastic to see these three landmark agreements for European integration finally being signed.