Are we that different?

Published 29 May 2013 in:

Photo: Catarina Axelsson/MFA

OECD has come up with some interesting statistics lately, the so-called Better Life Index.

Sweden ranks highest in the area of ‘Quality of environment’, and very high in ‘Life satisfaction’ and ‘Work-life balance’, whereas Japan ranks high in ‘Safety’ and ‘Education’. Most OECD countries are judged to be ‘safe’, but Japan is on top. Sweden ranks relatively low in ‘Income’ while Japan ranks low in ‘Life satisfaction’ and ‘Work-life balance’.

One should always take these indexes with a pinch of salt and not forget that there can be large differences within a country as well, especially if you compare big cities and the countryside. But it is an interesting homepage, which gives the visitor a lot of information and quite a few things to think about.

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