March 11

Published 11 March 2013 in:

Photo: Catarina Axelsson/MFA

Today marks the second anniversary of the triple catastrophe that occured on 11 March 2011. So far 15,881 persons have been confirmed dead, but 2,668 are still missing. Later, there have also been another 2,303 deaths related to the catastrophe. Most of the electricity, telecommunications and railways are back in place and working, but there are still so much left to do. About half of the water supply has yet to be restored and about half of all the debris remains to be disposed of although people are working more or less around the clock.

I would like to express the Swedish people’s deepest felt condolences to the innumerable families that have been so tragically struck by these events. Please be strong. You have nine and a half million friends in my country.