Press release from the office of Santa Claus

Published 1 March 2013 in:

Photo: Catarina Axelsson/MFA

I have just received an important document, a press release from the Office of Santa Claus, clarifying the whereabouts of the headquarters of this important international institution, and it is my pleasure to convey it to you:

“Recognizing the confusion existing in the world today concerning the whereabouts of the headquarters of Santa Claus, also called the ‘Office of Santa Claus’, and thankfully acknowledging the enthusiastic activities of our branch offices in Greenland (Denmark), Finland and Norway, Santa Claus wishes to reconfirm that the Office is located in Lapland, in northern Sweden. Our important toy factory is continuing its production in the North Pole, but all the activities are planned from Sweden, where Santa Claus also resides. His many reindeer all understand commands given in Danish, Norwegian and Finnish, but feel most comfortable when they are given in Swedish. Some of the main reasons the Office is located in Sweden, and will remain there, are 1) that the phenomena of the aurora borealis  is best observed around the city of Kiruna, to which SAS operates direct flights during the winter, 2) that one of the best train rides in the world can be done on the beautiful Inlandsbanan , 3) that the world famous Ice Hotel is located in Jukkasjärvi, and 4) that the Swedish Lapland region is located in the center of the northern half of the Scandinavian peninsula. Any statement disputing the above should be considered as untrue.”

I am very happy that this is clarified once and for all, since I have had many discussions with my Scandinavian colleagues in Tokyo about this subject.