Published 13 September 2011 in:

Photo: Catarina Axelsson/MFA

Warsaw is really lovely these early September days. Sunny, summerlike temperature, sometimes a slight touch of autumn in the early morning air.

Just released from a Polish hospital I probably enjoy this even more than I normally would have done.

I should have been a much more active blogger already now. I certainly was in my previous posting in Hanoi. Unfortunately, though, I caught a bad infection in Stockholm that has slowed down my restart in Warsaw.

Still, I am recovering well. And in the hospital where I was very well taken care of I also got some time to read a comprehensive book on Polish history. (I also spent time on less useful reading I must admit but that might be excused…). So it wasn’t totally wasted time.

I was released last Friday and spent a relaxing weekend with my wife. Reading, walking, attending the Chopin concerto in the amazing Lazienki Park late Sunday afternoon. Calm, silent, paradiselike atmosphere.

But there was also a darker element in the weekend news – hearing about the terrible accident with an, as it seems, overloaded ferry outside Zanzibar in Tanzania, where I recently was Ambassador for three years. Almost 200 casualties. Ordinary people of course without any alternatives (like the flights between the islands that I frequently used).

Monday morning back in office. Together with my colleagues I am certainly following the Polish EU Presidency as well as the election campaign with great interest.

Having spent many years in Swedish politics it is impossible not to get fascinated by the atmosphere of a campaign gaining speed the last weeks before election day.

But I still have my first crucial official moment ahead of me – handing over my credentials to President Komorowski next week.

Eagerly looking forward to that I spend this week on getting to know the Embassy internally a bit better. First and foremost all my colleagues and their tasks. Additionally restarting my lessons in Polish.

And not least trying to become a bit more active blogger in the months to come…